Overhead Photo Booth

Take the Photo Booth Experience to Exhilarating Heights

Try new angles to shoot from way above the ground and see a more expansive view of your what’s going on below. With an overhead photo booth by Renancy in Grand Prairie, Texas, you can make your set a creative part of your event.

Let guests mingle with other guests set against spectacular cityscapes or have them lie down relaxingly on beachside chairs. Imagine how even more dramatically cinematic your captures can get.

Capture Spectacular Scenes From Above

Usher yourself in to more immersive and visually striking experiences. Move around freely as overhead cameras capture a complete view of everything from every imaginable high angle.

This dynamic wide-angle camera setup is perfect for showcasing products or big events in a more engaging fashion. To learn more about the various features you can use to heighten the visual excitement of documenting special events, get in touch with us.